Carriage House
Portland, Oregon

Built in 1912, the Carriage House was a storage garage before Casey uncovered its overlooked potential. We took down countless cobwebs, took many trips to the dumpster and gave it a fresh coat of white paint from the celling to the floors. Once the paint dried, mint green light fixtures were hung and a walnut conference table was installed and voilà!, the Casework summer office. Work is always easier when you can enjoy the summer breeze breeze and green trees.

Photography: Justin Segura 

Nuevo South
Los Angeles, California

Based in the heart of LA, Nuevo South is an organization focused on equipping neighborhood youth with coding and technology skills. “The Big House” as it is commonly known, is the stomping grounds where all the magic happens. Casework teamed with Nest and Good Magazine to create an inspired space for the kids of this community to learn, grow and teach one another.  

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