In your mind, moderation is overrated. Case in point, your bathroom has a fireplace and is bigger than most people's entire apartment and maybe it's also carpeted. Whether you grew up during the boom of the 80s or are just now on your own to experience it, more is more! Your decorating palette is maroon, lavender and dark gray. Or maybe it's dark purple, medium purple, light purple, and a little blue for variety. You find inspiration in David Bowie and the Memphis Group. Nothing is off the table with this style and you never take yourself too seriously!

  • asymmetrical geometric shapes rendered in a simple, almost 2D way
  • chrome finish
  • glass block
  • animal prints
  • plastic laminate furniture in bright colors
  • simple but interesting metallic light fixtures and track lighting
  • fake flowers
  • Designing Women
  • Karl Springer
  • C. Jeré
  • Memphis Group
  • Ettore Sottsass
  • Merve Kahraman
  • American Horror Story - Hotel