Art Deco


The roaring 20s were your time, sadly you were born decades too late. You have a knack for blending many styles from both old world and new. These styles are often contradictory but together they unite to be modern. You appreciate luxury and glamour and are on the cutting edge of social and technology movements, hello iphone x. You’re a sucker for anything with a bold, flashy geometric pattern. Velvet and luxe fabrics are in your wardrobe and throughout your home. You believe that lighting is the most important accessory in a home, and you’re not afraid to add multiple layers to get the right atmosphere.

  • architectural and geometric elements throughout
  • furniture that is curvy but sleek
  • graphic black and white accents
  • layered accent lighting - sculptural sconces and floor lamps beam up-light or down to cast a flattering, sultry glow
  • sculptural and ornate mirrors
  • burl veneer furniture
  • luxe fabrics like velvet, textured linens, leather, hides, furs, and suedes
  • polished brass or chrome fixtures
  • lacquer, polished wood and metal, and glossy paint
  • wall and ceiling moldings
  • graphic patterns, stepped designs and bold curves all highlight the look
  • floor to ceiling window treatments
  • Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann
  • Louis Süe
  • Maurice Dufrêne
  • Henri Sauvage
  • Auguste Perret