It’s not a question of whether or not to vacation at the beach, the question is what beach? You prefer to be near water and if that isn't possible, you surround yourself with things from or inspired by the water. Your laid-back nature makes layering look effortless. From natural fibers to weather woods, you blend textures like a pro. You like light and sunshine, and wonder what season there is beside sunny and warm. Your favorite decor is pieces found on your walks, likely on the beach.

  • abundant light - blur the lines between indoors and out
  • pale neutrals or blues
  • slipped covered furniture and whitewashed wood
  • driftwood and shells gathered from the beach or used in accessories
  • grasscloth covering the walls
  • weathered woods
  • thatched, rattan or bamboo furniture
  • muted rugs or sisal and seagrass carpets cover the floor