Your dream living space is the penthouse in a converted warehouse. You avoid big-box furniture stores and head straight to the salvage yard. In fact, most of your furniture comes from industrial parts; that pipe frame bookcase and steel cart turn glass top coffee table. You like simple engineering, like cinder block shelves and repurposed commercial kitchen tables too. Your material palette is neutral and you balance steel and concrete with rough-hewn wood and sculptural plants.

  • focus on architectural space/elements
  • forms are large in scale, often heavy in proportion
  • exposed beams or brick walls
  • concrete, steel, wood timbers, stone
  • reclaimed wood furniture made with pipe
  • large pieces of art
  • warm neutrals, gray, tones mixed with white
  • metal light fixtures
  • large sectional set in an open room
  • metal framed windows
  • shipping containers used as space
  • corten steel
  • multipurpose furniture or on casters
  • Marcel Breuer (Bauhaus)
  • Le Corbusier
  • Jean Prouv√©
  • Paul Rudolph
  • Paul R. Evans