Your ideal vacation is in a sun-drenched vineyard in Italy. You are drawn to warm earth tones, smooth-stucco texture, leather and wrought iron pieces. You prefer worn and aged, rustic-looking pieces over something polished and new. Outdoor spaces are a must for your lifestyle.

Mediterranean Style is our blend of Tuscan, Spanish and Italian. The style encompasses more territory than you might think, drawing from countries in northern Africa, western Asia, and southern Europe, each location with a unique offering. White stucco walls, dome ceilings, and ancient sculptures are just the start.

  • furniture is short, with ornately turned legs and feet
  • hardware is heavy and often burnished often wrought iron
  • walls are predominantly textured
  • sunbaked walls and exposed wood beams and molding
  • earth tones
  • play with texture and textiles, mix velvet, linen and leather with plaster walls
  • mosaic or Terracotta tiles depending on the region you pull inspiration
  • rustic pottery
  • area rugs over rich hardwoods
  • worn and aged looking rustic wood furniture
  • a bullnose edge is a common design detail on countertops and fireplace mantels
  • wicker baskets and boxes
  • Martyn Lawrence Bullard
  • Franklin W. Smith
  • Ponce de Leon Hotel by Carrère & Hastings
  • Hammer & Spear