Not unlike those from the 1930's, you reinterpret history and look at the world differently than most. Modernism began with the Impressionists and others who used abstraction. You think outside the box. You are intrigued by emerging technology - concrete, glass, steel, warm LED, what's next? Hello, cross-laminated timber frame construction. You believe in innovation and think ornamental indulgence is a frivolous waste of effort in your mind. You like neutral tones and polished surfaces. Gropius, Corbu, and Bauhaus are where you look for historical inspiration. Your design philosophy is function should dictate form and your coffee mug says "less is more".

  • geometric shapes, rigid square, clean lines and perfect circles
  • simple and minimal adornment
  • neutral color palette
  • polished surfaces
  • glass, steel, concrete
  • asymmetry
  • Le Corbusier
  • Mies van der Rohe
  • Neutra & Eames
  • Bauhaus