You grow your own food, raise your neighbor's barns, and have chickens and maybe a pygmy goat or two in your backyard. You don't own a thing from Target and will not step foot in a Walmart parking lot. The things you own are the essentials. You differ from a minimalist in that you make everything you own instead of buying it. You decided living in the convent is one step too far for your lifestyle. So Shaker it is. Your beliefs are reflected in the well-made furniture of minimalist designs. Simplicity, utility, and honesty are your guiding words. Comfort is not.

  • warm neutral palette
  • natural materials: wood, cotton, linen
  • peg rails
  • bare essentials
  • simple, solid wood. no inlay or veneer
  • basic wood furniture with no padding or cushion
  • wooden pulls
  • tapered legs and concealed joinery
  • bare wood floors