While distinctly original, your style is a blend and deeply rooted in history. You ARE the OG eclectic style, a mix of Gothic Revival, Neo-Classical, Renaissance and Queen Anne to name a few. You have a love for historical dramas and think a bare room is a sure sign of poor tastes. You have always said the most fashionable homes showcase cultural interests, prosperity, and status by the pieces on display. Excess is synonymous with Victorian style and you have a room for every task; cooking, dining, sleeping, smoking, reading, dancing. You believe, life is short and you plan to live the most lavish life possible while you are here.

  • warm but subdued color palette
  • fluidity of form in furniture
  • ornate, hand-carved wood furniture with arms and legs flowing into each other
  • fireplaces with decorative wood or stone carved mantels
  • lavish patterns
  • visible turned or ornate legs on furniture
  • wallpapers, marbling or stenciling to cover the walls
  • wood floors, traditional Victorian homes had parquet or floorcloths (patterns painted on canvas)
  • blown glass lighting and windows
  • patterned tiles in the hallway and corridors
  • cast iron details
  • A.W.N. Pugin 
  • Thoresby Hall 
  • Belvoir Castle
  • Henry Shaw - Specimens of Ancient Furniture 
  • William Morris