Alpine Noir

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After a three-year stint abroad in Amsterdam with
 their two young kids, our clients had big dreams of a small chalet! Their time abroad informed their decision making and influences for the home. The active family wanted a low-maintenance weekend retreat that would "give us energy and not take it away”. The starting point was a three story structure
 by Keystone Architecture built by Ethan Beck Homes with a sloping roof that could shoulder snow load, 
much like ski chalets sited above the treeline. 

The reverse floor plan (living room on the top, bedrooms on the middle and garage and entry on the main floor) allowed unobstructed views of nearby Skibowl from the living room couch and an abundance of natural light where the family spends most of their time. Snow banks get so high in the winter the snow often covers the windows on the first and second floors. On the top floor, windows surround the space on all four sides. A large, stoic fireplace is balanced with a not so basic Ikea sectional covered in a playful, funky print designed by Casework based off of a 16th century Dutch painting.

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Why a black exterior and black trim?

It’s actually not a true black, it’s softer than that. Casey wanted a color that was a little more faded since the chalet has such a modern silhouette. She felt that a true black would be too stark. True black tends to show dirt and dust quicker so Casey pulled out her brushes and paints and blended the perfect black that has the softness she wanted to achieve, a color that didn’t look freshly painted. The color was extended into the interior in a gloss sheen on the trim, doors and window frames.

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How DO you end up with a 1600th century painting on an Ikea Sectional?

Our client spent 3 years living in Amsterdam and the Riksmuseum was near their home, which was a favorite spot. The Riks offers free hi-res downloads of their masterpieces and we wanted to incorporate something Dutch. After sifting through paintings, Still Life with Flowers, by Jan Davidszoon de Heem was the favorite. Casey downloaded and went to work photoshopping the vase and adding flowers to create a bouquet. Once the bouquet was complete, she created a repeat and had it printed on heavy weight canvas, UV treated (because all of the window on the top floor) and stain treated (because life) and upholstered on a naked Ikea Sectional. Now it is a unique element that reminds the family of their time abroad.

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Black and whitewashed wood

To emphasize the high ceilings and huge windows, a simple color palette of a custom black, white and whitewashed wood were incorporated, along with calculated hits of color and pattern. Through layered textures, like Moroccan rugs and printed bedding, a high contrast palette and unconventional design elements, this ski chalet is anything but ordinary.

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Not every client can feel confident about asking a friend to build their home and it speaks to the integrity and communication of General Contractor, Ethan Beck Homes, for making the Big Dream of A Small Chalet come to life. Thanks to architect of record, Blane Skowhede of Keystone Architecture for navigating the Government Camp permit process. Interior Design, creative direction and styling by Casework – Casey Keasler. Photography by Mikola Accuardi. Read more about the project on Dwell, Sunset Magazine, Schoolhouse Best 9, Schoolhouse, Contemportist, Metropolis Magazine and Uncrate.