1 Rug . 2 Pendant Light . 3 Barstool . 4 Wall Lamp . 5 Fabric 6 . Swivel Chair
7 Floor Lamp . 8 Side Table . 9 Stool . 10 Faucet . 11 Knob . 12 Pull

Let's get real here for a second. There was never a "new black". Black is black and it can't be replaced. If you think orange or pink or beard is the new black, you might be in the wrong place. 

Here at the Casework studio, we're always on the hunt for the best products for our clients and even for ourselves. We like well made, and easy on the eyes never hurt anyone. The combination of good looking and good quality gets us excited because we literally look through hundreds of cabinet pulls and dozens of barstools to find the best of the best. Sharing our favorites seemed like the logical next step and why not start this series with a favorite, black.