DESIGN REJECTS | Create Your Own Industrial Modern Master Suite

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes creating design schemes for our clients. I have a strong philosophy in presenting only what I like because as soon as I don't, it will definitely be the client favorite. So that means there are schemes that aren't selected. Most often the client goes with a different concept or price point so we are left with one or two leftovers. They are perfectly good concepts that sit in the archives never to see the light of day. Every now and then we'll pull a piece or two from a previous concept but a full concept never gets reused.

Industrial Modern Master Suite by Casework Interior Design

Instead of filing them away in the archives, we are going to start sharing the less complicated parts. The ones that don't have customization or anything that needs to be built. Something that you could take away and easily replicate on your own without any help from us or a contractor. Click, order, unpack, install. Think of it as a Casework Doggy Bag. We're still fine-tuning what we are calling it.

This concept is Industrial, modern with a mix of vintage. It was designed for a high pitched ceiling with painted board and batten in mind. It would work well in an attic or lofted space. A lot of the details are black steel to achieve that industrial feel but also to balance all of the wood. Brass was added to balance out the heaviness of the steel. Because there is so much wood with the dual dressers, nightstands, floor and board and batten ceiling, we opted for an upholstered bed frame with a plush cream color wool rug to soften the space. The other rugs are vintage, again for balance. But this time to playing with scale, texture, and color.

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