Design Rejects | Mid Century Entry & Family Room

Design by  Carisse Lynelle  & Photography by  Ana Kamin

Design by Carisse Lynelle & Photography by Ana Kamin

Design Rejects is quickly becoming my favorite topic. The work we do that would never go beyond a design presentation now has a new life and can easily be added to your home! We work really hard to create client specific looks but a lot of this could be slightly tweaked for your own home.

I love bringing in Mid Century style to a home because it's the most approachable Unadorned style. It's also very popular so there are a ton of resources out there for amazing pieces. You don't have to scour Chairish and Craigslist in Palm Springs to find the vintage version because now, there's a new version. 

Another reason I love Mid Century is that it's warm. The use of wood, usually a mid-tone brown like walnut or teak adds a level of warmth that you don't see in Contemporary styles. Also adding warmth to the style is the use of brass elements in light fixtures, hardware, and frames for tables and chairs. The earlier part of the period used chrome and tends to be more stylized. I prefer the brass for this style as it adds a layer of warmth and dresses up the more casual wood elements. 

When it comes to incorporating this style, I like pairing the warm wood with cooler colors like grays and blues so the room doesn't feel too period specific. These cooler neutrals can be incorporated in upholstery and rugs, even art. For upholstered pieces, think about the leg color and shape. Mid Century styles have a slim warm wood tapered leg. While it's a small detail, the room feels cohesive to at least consider the leg shape and material. 

For a family room, geometric patterned rugs were used because of their durability. Basically, the smaller/tighter the pattern, the more your eye is distracted from any stains or dirt. Not that our clients are dirty, we just want pieces to have some longevity and with a family with young ones, we want a room that's really lived in to be the workhorse! Considering the softness is also important, especially for a Family Room where you might be on the floor with kids as often as you are lounging on the sectional watching a movie.

A coffee table that doesn't have shelving is great because kids won't be intrigued to pull everything off the shelf. The rounded shape is good for young crawlers and walkers so they don't have sharp corners to bump heads. And wood tops are much more family-friendly than a glass top table. 

The last layer is adding in a great brass mirror in your entry and some brass hooks for everyday coats and the dog leash!

Mid Century Family Room & Entry by Casework Interior Design

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