In December 2017, Casey purchased the Ranchalow, a 1966, 1,250 square foot 3 bedroom - 1 bath Ranch and Bungalow style home. She bought this home in need of a good face knowing she wanted to do the work herself over time.

When it came time to remodel the outdated bathroom, Casey teamed up with The One Room Challenge to kick off the project. The ORC offered a unique opportunity to partner with fantastic vendors and remodel the Ranchalow bathroom in 6 short weeks. The ORC provides participants with a supportive, enthusiastic forum in which to share the process of transforming a room. It’s not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas.







The remodel process took 32 days from demo to a finished photo. Casey tells clients 2-3 months minimum for a bathroom remodel, without hesitation. And there is clearly a reason that’s the timeline. While possible to do in a shorter amount of time, bathrooms are small and only so many people can work in a small room at a time. Add in 10-12 different trades and unique schedules and it’s easy to see why a bathroom remodel could take multiple months to complete.


Reflecting the Arts & Crafts heritage through handmade tile

To pay homage to the Ranch and Craftsman style of the Ranchalow, Casey selected tile colors in modern silhouettes from the Pratt and Larson Craftsman collection. These stony, textural matte glazes are more rustic, complex, and variable than other glazes in their line. The variation and range showcases the handmade nature. Each tile feels unique and that adds character for this small bath.


BALANCING Traditional and Modern STYLES

Opposites on the style spectrum, traditional and modern styles are blended to create an unexpected palette. To balance the traditional cream and soft green from the tile, Casey used matte black plumbing fixtures and brass hardware. The black adds a modern touch and the brass adds warmth without feeling too modern.


Tile from locally made pratt & larson

Pratt & Larson is a family owned business and has been handcrafting tile since 1982 a few blocks away from the Casework studio. When selecting tile for clients, we typically go for something more time honored or neutral. We like bathrooms to feel clean, bright and classic. Since this was Casey’s personal home, she had the opportunity to explore something unexpected and opted for a cream wall tile with custom blend of green tile for the floor.

Casework_Bathroom Remodel_Low Res_03.jpg
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Copy of Casework_Ferguson : Delta_Bathroom Remodel_Low Res_09.jpg

CREDITS and sponsors

A huge thank you to Linda at the One Room Challenge. If not for this forum and deadline, chances are the bathroom would still be unfinished. To Pratt & Larson for pushing Casey take a risk with non white tile and that gorgeous custom blended green floor tile. TYSM to Watermark for the beautiful faucet that is appreciated each and every time it’s touched. Big thanks to Hudson Valley Lighting and LeGrand for providing all of the electrical needs. To Emtek, Unison Home, Varaluz and Minted for the finishing touches including door hardware, shelving, mirror, accessories and artwork. General Contractor, Interior Design and Styling by Casey Keasler with a lot of support from Casey Mclane. Plumbing installation by Rose City Plumbing. Photos by Nicole Mason. Read more about the renovation in the Oregonian and on the Fold and see more of Casey’s home on the Fold.