In December 2017, I purchased the Ranchalow, a 1966, 1,250 sf 3 bedroom - 1 bath Ranch and Bungalow style home. I bought this home to be a test for ideas that at Casework. Ideas I am not yet comfortable sharing with clients because I’m not confident in the direction. This home is a place to explore color, texture, style, materiality without creating a risk for our clients. 

The Ranchalow is not my forever home and my goal is to remodel, then rent when the time is right. Good design and quality materials should be available to everyone, not as a luxury. And if I can accomplish this one house at a time, then it will be my tiny mark in this design world. 

Since purchasing, I’ve been chipping away at it room by room. I started with the smallest room, my dressing room, then guest room, pieces of the living and dining room, installed an exterior fence and landscaping, and made small updates like light fixtures and hardware changes throughout the home since I purchased it. The One Room Challenge offered a unique opportunity to partner with fantastic vendors and remodel the Ranchalow bathroom. 

Casework_Bathroom Remodel_Low Res_27.jpg

The One Room Challenge is a supportive, enthusiastic forum in which to share the process of transforming a room. The ORC is not a competition, but rather a celebration of creativity, inspiration, and original ideas. It is a biannual event in which anyone can participate and share their own remodel progress alongside 20 featured designers. I was fortunate enough to participate as a featured designer and over the course of 6 weeks shared my tips for tackling my own bathroom remodel on a weekly basis.

It took me 32 days from demo to a finished photo. I tell my design clients 2-3 months minimum for a bathroom remodel, without hesitation. And there is clearly a reason that’s the timeline. While possible to do in a shorter amount of time, bathrooms are small and only so many people can work in a small room at a time. Add in 10-12 different trades and unique schedules and it’s easy to see why a bathroom remodel could take six months.

Casework_Bathroom Remodel_Low Res_14.jpg
Casework_Bathroom Remodel_Low Res_40.jpg

To pay homage to the Craftsman and Ranch style of the Ranchalow, I selected tile colors in modern silhouettes from the Pratt and Larson Craftsman collection. Reflecting the Arts and Crafts heritage of American Art Tile, these stony, textural matte glazes are more rustic, complex, and variable than other glazes in their line. The variation and range showcases the handmade nature. Each tile feels unique and that creates personality for this small bath.


To balance the traditional palette of cream and soft green from the tile, I add in black plumbing fixtures and brass hardware. The black adds a modern touch and the brass adds warmth without feeling too modern.

Casework_Bathroom Remodel_Low Res_01.jpg
Casework_Bathroom RemodelLow Res26_og.jpg